Guided Healing

If it isn't life giving, it isn't worth doing.


“I didn't have any pain when I attended the session but now I notice I don't get lower back pain when I'm working in the garden and around the house. I can work much longer now without any issue!”


Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy

“My fever feels like it's gone! I've had a low grade fever for two years.”


Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy

“These Reiki treatments feel so good I hate to open my eyes when they're finished. I could fall asleep right now.”



“I'm sorry I never say goodbye to you. I'm sleeping before the session is over and I usually sleep three or four hours straight through. It's the only time I can get any real rest.”


Therapeutic Touch

“Thank you for helping my brother to relax. He sleeps so much better after a session with you. He doesn't get much relief from his COPD.”


Therapeutic Touch

“I had no idea. I can't believe how much looser my neck feels. So much of what I saw relates to everything going on now.”


Past Life Regression Hypnosis

“I feel so relaxed and my gallbladder pain has really subsided!! Thank you so much!”